Having Great Experience by Trekking and Hiking Around Sanur
In addition, the tourist area is located in the downtown area so you will find the kinds of entertainment attractions that can make your vacation even more enjoyable. However, you might want to feel a different experience during a vacation in Bali. In this case, you can try to enjoy trekking and hiking around Sanur.
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Getting New Experience at Sanur Morning Market
visit to Bali is not just enough to visit the coastal areas, centers of souvenirs in the art market, museums, or otherwise. You can find a variety of anti-mainstream tourist destinations such as the visit to Sanur Morning Market at Jalan Danau Tamblingan, Sanur Bali that is one of the traditional markets in the region surrounding Sanur Beach.
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Enjoying a Trip to Le Mayeur Museum Sanur
Apparently, the talents of those get severe restrictions on the family so he took the initiative to leave their families and travel around the world until in 1932 he arrived in Bali in the city of Singaraja. He continued his journey to Denpasar and eventually decided to start to settle in Sanur.
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Recommendations of Unique Hotels in Sanur
You can find a wide range of hotel or resort that comes with a unique concept and theme that likely will not you find in other places. When you are planning a vacation to Bali especially to visit some tourist areas around Sanur, you should not miss to the new experience by staying at one of the unique hotels in Sanur.
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Find Cheap Hotels in Sanur
Seminyak, Ubud or other popular tourist spots, what you will find is crowd and busy. Sanur is relatively quite and more laid back.Unfortunately, such condition makes the price of villas, cottages and hotels Sanur are relatively more expensive than in other areas. Though finding cheap hotels in Sanur is possible, you have to spend some of your time for visiting and opening different websites.
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Things to Do in Sanur Beach
Sanur beach is located in the southern part of Denpasar, Bali. It is known as upscale resort area and beach-side town. Because that reason, Sanur is generally more expensive than Kuta but still cheaper than Seminyak.
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5 Best Halal Restaurant Near Kuta
Many restaurants provide kinds of special foods with the different taste. However, for Muslim, they should be careful in choosing the food to eat. Yes, we all know that the major religion in Hindu and they have different rule about food choices. Sometimes, what is forbidden in Islam is allowed in Hindu.
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Top 10 Bali Culinary Tours
Many people from around the world come there every day. They love to enjoy free life in Bali together with the family. And Bali also perfect for your honeymoon time. Once you come to Bali and you will come again soon.
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5 Types of Balinese Food that You Should Try
Bali is one of the most famous islands in Indonesia. Every year, we can find so many tourists that come there. Most of them want to visit the beaches but the others want to eat the Balinese food. You have to know that Indonesian love to cook using the traditional ingredients.
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