5 Types of Balinese Food that You Should Try

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Bali is one of the most famous islands in Indonesia. Every year, we can find so many tourists that come there. Most of them want to visit the beaches but the others want to eat the Balinese food. You have to know that Indonesian love to cook using the traditional ingredients. It will give the best taste to the food that they cook. Bali is also well known as the islands that have traditional food with delicious taste. You have tried them when come to Bali. Once come to Bali then you will come again there next time. 

Here are the 5 most delicious foods in Bali that you should try. Find them and feel the most delicious Balinese traditional food ever.

Ayam Betutu


For the spicy lover then you should eat this Ayam Betutu menu. This also always become the good reason for you to visit Bali more and more. The original Ayam Betutu is only available in Bali. When you find it in other city or country then the taste will be so different. Ayam Betutu is the traditional food from Gilimanuk. Long time ago, people in Bali always eat this food at traditional ceremony. But today, this food become the most eats food when people come to Bali. The characteristic of this menu is about high level of spicy, tasteful and perfect with hot steam rice.

 Milk Satay

People in Bali made this menu using the good beef meat combine with fresh milk. This food will be available during fasting month as the street food in Bali. This is the unique and limited traditional Balinese food that should available on your culinary list.

 Lilit Satay


For satay lover, Bali still has the other menu of this food. The name is lilit satay. The main ingredient is minced beef or fish. You can feel the best lilit satay that made from Tenggiri fish there.

 Lawar Rice

Almost all of tourist who comes to Bali knows about this Balinese food. The original lawar rice serves with blood. For the side dish is like traditional Balinese salad, minced pork and also complete with piece of cayenne pepper. But today, you can also find Lawar rice that use minced duck as the side dish.  The taste about this food is still hot and spicy.

 Roll Pork


If you are not muslim then you should try this super delicious menu. Roll Pork is one of the most famous menus in Bali. You can find this menu almost everywhere. The taste is crispy and tasteful and cooked with spice ingredients from Bali. The Balinese people cook this roll pork using the traditional method. The purpose is to make the marinade process well.

Do not forget to enjoy the traditional beer from Bali to make your free time more powerful. Bali is the perfect island to stay and to live your life with your beloved people. You can also enjoy the beauty of beaches and the villages in Bali. Bali is the islands that still keep the traditional habit as their daily life.

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