Digging the Sacred Sides of Barong Dance Tour in Sukawati, Bali

Administrator · Wednesday, 11 April 2018 · 3649 Views

Bali is a very interesting holiday destination. Besides inhabited by many amazing natural attractions, the Island of God also save the cultural tourism is abundant, one of Barong Dance.As one of Indonesia's typical dances, Barong Dance is able to steal attention every time staged. Involving two dancers, this dance uses a barong mask known as sacred.

As a ghoul-faced giant, the Barong has his jaws jutted out and long hair like a forest lion. Accompanied by gamelan and narrative full of comedy, Barong Dance always describes how virtue (dharma) overcomes evil (adharma) that is on earth.

Barong Dance is usually displayed on the sidelines of religious ceremonies. However, you can watch this dance regularly in the area of Ă¢€‹Ă¢€‹Barong Batubulan Dance, Sukawati.

Has a Profound Meaning

For those who understand animism and dynamism, Barong Dance is not just art. They believe, Barong dance has the power or energy to protect the surrounding environment, especially social life. If you notice, there are two types of masks in this dance, Barong (Red) and Rangda (White). In the dance, Barong is a symbol of victory, while Rangda is the side of evil that always suffered defeat.

Regardless of the meaning behind the dance, Batubulan Barong Dance Tour in Sukawati is an attraction that you must enjoy while visiting Bali.

However, if you want to try something else, this tourist area also offers some amazing sculpture, you know. With complete facilities such as art shop, lodging, and culinary delights, Barong Batubulan Dance Tour in Sukawati is ready to give you a new holiday experience.

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