5 Best Halal Restaurant Near Kuta

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Bali is one of the major tourist destination, which will be the best place to enjoy the holiday. As the one of the best tourist destination, Bali has complete facilities to pleasant tourists, include restaurant. Many restaurants provide kinds of special foods with the different taste. However, for Muslim, they should be careful in choosing the food to eat. Yes, we all know that the major religion in Hindu and they have different rule about food choices. Sometimes, what is forbidden in Islam is allowed in Hindu. Here, we have several choices of halal restaurant, which you may find near Kuta. 

Warung Makan Nikmat

The first halal restaurant near Kuta, which you may choose, is Warung Makan Nikmat. It is one of the traditional restaurant there, which provides many kinds of traditional food. For you who are longing with East Java culinary, we are sure that this place is the best choice for you. There are many some special menus, such as nasi campur, fried chicken, and others, which comes with the taste of Javanese. In other hand, there is also lilit satay as one of the special Balinese culinary to be tried. The location is at Bakung Sari Street, 6.

Special Betutu Chicken

When you want to taste a special chicken menu, Special Betutu Chicken Gilimanuk is one of the best restaurant to be tried. Here, you will see a special chicken menu with the rich taste. Betutu chicken is special because of the unique way in cooking. The cooker will use bumbu betutu, which is made by a highly combination of onion, red chili, coconut oil, peppers, and others. The high of Balinese taste will make your holiday looks more special. Go to Tuban Main Street, 2 to taste this Balinese culinary.

Ayam Plengkung Resto

Still about the chicken menu, one of the halal restaurant in Kuta, which could be the nice choice, is Ayam Plengkung Resto. This restaurant is nice with the sleek and neat decoration. We are sure that people will be happy staying there. The location of this restaurant is also strategic because it is beside Joger (the special place to buy some souvenirs from Bali). Besides the special chicken menus, there are lots of fish menus and some traditional food, which will color your eat time.

 Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika

Do you want to taste a spicy food? Well, Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika is one of the unique halal restaurant near Kuta. As its name, inside this traditional restaurant, there are many spicy menus, which will test your stomach. It is one of the cheap restaurant in Kuta and it is always full of tourist, especially in holiday moment. To try the spicy food in this place, you can go to Kuta Street, 120. The location is in the front of Joger.

Bebek Tepi Sawah

This restaurant is the branch from the main restaurant in Ubud. The location of it is at Tuban Street, in the complex of Krisna Cuinary. Inside this halal restaurant, you will find a special duck menu with the taste of Balinese culinary. We are sure that the rich flavor will coddle your tongue!

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