Foreign Investors Eyeing Batur Geopark Region To Built Gondola Lift, This Is Sequel

Administrator · Monday, 27 March 2017 · 1018 Views

Bangli - As well as the pristine natural beauty, Bangli regency, Bali is also famous as the area with the title Global Geopark of UNESCO since 2012. This is certainly inviting investors, especially from abroad to participate in developing tourism in the region.

Speaking about the Geopark Batur, Bangli district legal Head, Ida Bagus Made Widnyana on Friday (17.03.2017) revealed that there have been foreign investors who plan to build a cable car which covers the area including Lake Batur Geopark.

"The investor has revealed to us from the Government of Bangli, about his plans to build a ropeway Area Geopark area. Kan was nice landscape," said Widnyana. The Tribune Bali, Widnyana himself admitted keen on the idea, he said, with the construction of a cable car in the Geopark, will increase the income of the people in the surrounding area.

On the other hand, Bangli Regency area will also be developed, and on par with other areas in Bali. However, Widnyana also revealed that there are several obstacles related to the investment plan. Expresses, that department Batur Geopark is not merely a local government owned Bangli.

"Part of it is government-owned Bangli, but also partly owned by the Ministry of Environment (MOE), this is still a constraint. In addition, we also need to absorb the aspirations of the people. Therefore, there are also a sacred area, the Temple," he said.

Widnyana also revealed that there had previously been investors who also want to invest in the area of Geopark Batur, unfortunately because there is no clear certainty of Bangli regency, the investor ended up canceling his intention.

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