Top 10 Bali Culinary Tours

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When we are talking about Bali then we will feel difficult to stop. Bali is full with delicious food, beautiful beaches, traditional ceremony and also the best place for you to have Bali culinary tours. Bali is the islands that never sleep. Many people from around the world come there every day. They love to enjoy free life in Bali together with the family. And Bali also perfect for your honeymoon time. Once you come to Bali and you will come again soon.

Here are the top 10 Bali culinary tours that you should know:


If you always missing the old green field in front of your eyes then D’Sawah will be the best answer. You can enjoy the great food while sitting on the lazy chair and have good conversation with your beloved. The fresh and green fields are in front of your seat. The address of this place is in Kelobokan Kelod Road 17 Kuta. Every Friday you will enjoy your time complete with live in music. So perfect!

 Candra Roll Pork

Roll Pork is the main menu in Bali. You should try this menu if you are not muslim. This restaurant is in Teuku Umar road 140 Denpasar. This place has the most delicious roll pork in Bali. Must try!

 Sanur Night Market

This place is only a common traditional market in the afternoon, when the night comes then the function changes into a culinary market. Find your most favorite Balinese food there.

 Café Degan

If you love to eat the Thailand traditional food then Café Degan is the good recommended one. The place is so unique. You will feel so comfortable there.

 Bakers Corner

Grab the pastry and cake on this place. The place is in Teuku Umar road 173 Denpasar. The favorite menu on this place is Bebek Betutu and also oxtail soup.

 Revolver Espresso

This is the cozy place for you to enjoy your cup of coffee. You can eat the western food with cheap price there. The location is on Kayu Ana 3 Seminyak.

 Warung Indonesia

If you have limited budget for culinary tours then you should come to this place. The price is reasonable with various menus of traditional food from Indonesia. The location is on Poppies Lane II road Kuta.

 Bale Udang Mang Engking

Shrimp is the main famous menu in Mang Engking. You can find various foods made from fresh and big shrimp there.

 Roll Pork Slingsing Cepaka

The place is open only from 2 until 9 in the morning. The pork belly is so crispy and delicious. You should wake up earlier to enjoy this non halal food in Bali.

 Warung Satria

This place is famous with menu named ‘ nasi campur ayam special ‘. The location is on Uluwatu. The price is also cheap and you will absolutely full after eat the food.

All those culinary places in Bali above are easy to find. You can go to the place on you breakfast time, lunch or dinner.

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