Upgrade 100 Tourism Village in Bali

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The provincial government of Bali is targeting 100 villages attraction coaching was completed in 2018. However, the realization of the program that started in 2013 was boosted and accelerated this year. Therefore, the Financial Services Authority are committed Bali region has contributed to the financial institutions in order to help accelerate this.

"The village has character, excellence, and different needs. It requires capital that financial services are expected to help facilitate the loan or financing facility, "said Chief Representative of the Financial Services Authority (FSA) Region Bali, Zulmi, as reported by Kompas.com page, Tuesday (02/21/2017).

Zulmi said it strives to be a facilitator between the village and the owner of financial services. "The village was chosen in order to materialize into a tourist village and is in need of capital. Thus, the FSA is present to encourage the owners of financial institutions, both banks and insurance, in order to help build it, "said Zulmi.

It is a form of support FSA Bali referring priorities Regional Financial Access Acceleration Team (TPAKD) Bali in 2017. This acceleration, further Zulmi, requires extensive access to finance in order to travel the village could obtain funding from financial services institutions.

The village agreed the government travel and tourism actors be the best model currently adds excitement to tourists visiting Bali. Moreover, the acceleration be one solution to the preservation of culture, customs, environment, and involvement of local communities in the management of this tourist village. Program build 100 tourist village with the provincial government as pembinanya pioneered since 2013. Until yesterday, a total of 67 tourist villages formed and nurtured.

Head of Bali Tourism Anak Agung Gede Yuniartha maximize the sustainability of this tourist village. He believes that the management handed over to the community even more smoothly. The village community better understand what they need to be maintained and preserved.

"Successful tourist village community managed, among Penglipuran village, Bangli regency; Sibetan village, Karangasem; and the village of Taro, Gianyar, "he explained.

Vice Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Travel (Asita) Bali Putu Winastra agree if the government could develop tourist villages. Village tourism is able to strengthen the attraction of tourists, especially foreigners. He also demanded that the government is not uniform throughout the tourist village, but strengthen the potential of each. (bisniswisata.co.id)

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