Type of Ships that Serve The Komodo Island Trip

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AC (air-conditioned) Boat

AC Boat is a best-selling vessel used for Sailing Komodo activities. AC Boats generally have 18-25 Meters length with 3-4 meters of width. AC boat can be filled about 8-12 people for one trip. This vessel provides air conditioning in each of its rooms becomes one of the most desirable boats to travel on Komodo Island. It also can accommodate up to thousands of liters of clean water that can be used for bathing and other purposes during the trip. Therefore, this ship is highly recommended for trips 3 days 2 nights with the number of participants in accordance with the capacity of the ship.

Open Deck Ship

Open Deck is a ship that has a length of 20 meters with a width of 3 meters. The Open deck is a ship that has no rooms inside but still has room to rest openly. This ship has a capacity of about 12 people in it. So this ship is highly recommended for those who choose a vacation to the island of Komodo with a sailing time of only 1 day. In addition to cheaper, this ship will make you enjoy the journey in the sea of Komodo Island.

Phinisi Ship

Phinisi Ship is a kind of luxury boat like a cruise ship for travel. This ship has a length of 30-40 meters on average making this ship one of the largest ships on Komodo Island trip. Phinisi generally has 3-5 rooms with a capacity of about 12 people. Phinisi ships are very comfortable with various facilities similar to highly rated hotels. Phinisi ships can accommodate tens of thousands of liters of clean water that you can use to bathe and so on. The Phinisi is highly recommended for a 4 day 3 night trip with exceptional levels of comfort. But to rent this type of ship is indeed very expensive but presents a very appropriate facility with the price you pay.

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