5 Things to Do in Nusa Penida

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Nusa Penida is still part of Bali but this small island is less crowded than the Bali mainland. There is no need to worry because you will be able to enjoy various things to do in Nusa Penida. More importantly, you will enjoy extraordinary travel experience on this island.

Diving or Snorkeling

You can choose Nusa Penida because you want something which is not a mainstream option for your Bali trip. However, there are some mainstream activities which you must not miss when you are on this island. Yes, diving or snorkeling surely becomes an activity which you have to do in Nusa Penida because there are several dive sites which can offer you with unique diving or snorkeling experience. You have to dive at Manta Point so they can get the opportunity to swim with the manta rays which have giant size. If you are lucky, you can meet Mola Mola when diving at Crystal Bay.

Natural Wonders

Nusa Penida can be a small island but it is filled with natural wonders which you will not find easily in Bali mainland. You will never have any regret to make Nusa Penida as your travel destination in Bali because you will be able to witness the greatness of nature. In Nusa Penida, you can have a wonderful sight of Pasih Uwug or Broken Beach. You will also see the unique natural pool called Angel’s Billabong. Atuh Beach can give you extra treat after the long walking track.

Giri Putri Cave Temple

Bali and temple cannot be separated one another because it is part of Balinese daily life and culture. You can find the temple at the top of the hill or at the seashore often. However, you will not be able to find the cave temple that often. Giri Putri Cave Temple surely will offer you with magnificent proof of local culture in Nusa Penida. To get inside the cave temple, you must crawl through the tunnel with two meters length.

Banah Cliff

There are some reasons which make you should not miss the opportunity for visiting Banah Cliff but it is only for you who have the gut for working hard. You need workout as well as hiking to reach the location. At the top of the cliff, the view is very splendid. The blue sea is unbelievably beautiful. You will also be amazed by the waves that are eagerly crashing against the rock formation. The combination of those elements will be a sight which is difficult to forget.

Bali Bird Sanctuary

Worshipping the nature is not only about its beautiful view. We also need to worship the wildlife as well and for this purpose; you need to visit Bali Bird Sanctuary in Nusa Penida. This is the place where the endangered species of Indonesian bird can have a peaceful life which is free from the poachers. At this place, you can watch some rare birds in the world. Bali Starling which can be found at this place is the second rarest one in the world after all.


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