Gitgit Waterfall

The Natural Waterfall with so much Magnificence

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Most tourists,either local or international tourists choose southern Bali to travel around.There are many reasons why they prefer southern to northern Bali. One of the most common reasons is the public services like Ngurah Rai International Airport and also KutaBeach. Besides, there are other amenities in the southern Bali that are more contented than in the northern Bali. That is why most tourists will spend their holiday in the south. They commonly visit tourism destinations that have been popular, including Kuta Beach, Sanur, GWK and much more. However, do you know that Bali also has a beautiful waterfall that makes most tourists get amazed with the beauty? The waterfall is named Gitgit Waterfall.

Gitgit waterfall is one of the waterfalls in Bali that have interesting natural beauty with the typical beautiful nature. This waterfall is situated in KabupatenBuleleng. It becomes the highest waterfall in Bali with up to 48 meters of height. It also stores the adventure spots for the travelers that love exploring the nature. With the natural atmosphere surround the waterfall, there are many spots that should be your photographs backgrounds. Recharge your camera and phone’s battery so you will have enough power to take the pictures of the amazing tourism space.

In Buleleng district, at least there are two waterfalls that can be visited. The first one is Sekumpulwaterfall and Gigit waterfall. But Gigit waterfall is the one with highest sums of visitors. The location is near to the main road that connects Bedugul, Singaraja, and Denpasar. This is the reason why most tourists choose this spot. However, you also can visit Sekumpul Waterfall if you have visited Gigit waterfall. Visiting both of the waterfalls will make you able to distinguish both of them. During your trip to the waterfall, you will pass the well-known tourism spots. One of them is Bedugul National Park or BedegulBeratan Lake that is very famous for the natural beauty.

The tracks to Gigit waterfall is also not too difficult to pass. Because the roads have been well maintained, so you can feel more comfortable during your trip. Besides, you also can enjoy the typical beautiful scenery of the mountain as long as the track. That is why most tourists are getting amazed to the scenery from the beginning of the trip. For it is a mountainous area, most of the roads to the waterfall area are meander.

As a well-known tourist spot, Gitgit Waterfall has been maintained with complete public services such as the large parking area, some local shops that offer kinds of local snacks and foods, and the most important are the ways to the waterfall that has been well-built. Therefore, just visit this waterfall if you need to enjoy the natural beauty in this area. If you are interested to visit Gigit waterfall, there are many car rentals that can be booked to ride you there. Gitgit waterfall is one of the must-visited waterfalls when you travel to Bali. So you should be there when you are in Bali.

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