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Because Bali is one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world, there is no surprise if there are many people who visit this paradise island more than once. It is normal if you make Bali as your favorite holiday retreat since this island offers many things from the panoramic beauty to the modern attraction. However, instead of visiting the same crowded place over and over again, why do not you try to explore different side of Bali? Visiting Nusa Penida can be a great refreshment option which can lead you to different trip in Bali. Because of these reasons below, you must not think twice to visit Nusa Penida.

Classic Part of Bali

People from all around the world make Bali as their travel destination and of course the main tourism area in Bali developed to meet the need of the visitors. That is why we can see many modern touches in the mainland of Bali. Different circumstance can be found in Nusa Penida. In this small island, you can witness something that you can say as classic part of Bali. It is about the people, the culture, as well as the tradition which can remind you of the old Bali. The main town is very small yet you will be able to enjoy the warmth of locals in Nusa Penida.

Exotic Beaches

Nusa Penida is indeed a small island compared to Bali Island but this island has given with beautiful beaches. If you decide to stay in the biggest town in Nusa Penida such as Toyopakeh, you can enjoy the beauty of crystal blue water all the time since it is situated next to the beach. Strolling around the road will simply offer you with the beautiful view of the beach easily. You can also make further exploration by visiting the hidden beach with spectacular view on this island such as Broken Beach and Atuh Beach. The uniqueness of Angel Billabong with its natural infinity pool makes you feel like you are out of the earth for a while.

Magnificent Dive Spots

Another big reason which makes people have to visit Nusa Penida when they are in Bali is because there are some best dive spots which can be found around the island. People can say that the dive spots are best because they can see more than just beautiful coral and the underwater world. The rare and unique sea creature can also be found if you dive during the right season. Manta Point becomes the right dive spot for you who want to get as closer as possible with this ocean ghosts. Mola-mola or Oceanic Sunfish becomes another great attraction in certain dive spots in Nusa Penida.

Inner Island Exploration

The beaches and the dive spots might be the biggest reason why people have to visit Nusa Penida but it does not mean that the attraction can be found at the sea shore only. Exploration of the inner island can give you the mystical vibe of the Hindu Temple at the top point of the island.


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