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BANGLI BALI, year-end holiday season, the tourist village of the cleanest in the world visited by travelers. The place was called the Village Panglipuran travel and are in Bangli, Bali.

During the holiday season, the number of visitors increased by 15 percent or 400 visitors per day. This amount is expected to increase before the turn of the new year.

"On Jan. 1, is expected to reach 4 thousand visitors," said I Nengah Moneng, Chief Manager of Village Tourism Penglipuran quoted from page, Saturday (12/31/2016).

Penglipuran could be cleaner because of the legacy of their ancestors' habits. Since childhood, people are always accustomed to living clean and maintain the natural surroundings. This condition is also reinforced with awig awig or rules of customary village.

With the increasing tourist visits, local residents began to enjoy the results. Now in every home residents are stalls, art shop, to home stay.

This tourist village is about an hour's drive from Denpasar City. To get into the village community-based tourism, tourists charged entrance fee of Rp 15 thousand per person for domestic travelers and Rp30 thousand for foreign travelers.

Entering the village area travel Penglipuran village, a traditional Balinese village atmosphere immediately apparent. The streets seemed still traditional village, with typical angkul-angkul or gate houses are all uniform shape.

Besides seeing the atmosphere of a traditional Balinese Village still, visitors who come can also enjoy the environment clean and tidy.

Villagers there are so conscious to always maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the surroundings. For example, they are diligent in managing the garden of each house.

In addition, tourists can also see the village temple which had existed for hundreds of years. Then walk into the bamboo forest and look at Karang fuse, which is an area prepared for the villagers who want to have more than one wife.

Although already prepared by the village, but Karang mixing until now has never been used. Penglipuran be one of the cleanest village in the world, versions of a media tour. Two other villages is the village of Giethoorn in the Netherlands and Mawlynnong village in India. (* / BBC)

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