Overcome Burnout Wisman, ASITA Bali Tourism Village Work

Administrator · Friday, 20 January 2017 · 944 Views

kabardewata.com; Amid market saturation foreign tourists (tourists), Bali can mengandalalkan tourist village as one of the tour package. Villages that are now keen to develop the government, become the ultimate weapon of the island, in the attract more foreign tourists visit.

Chairman of the Association of Travel Agents and Travel (ASITA) Bali period from 2016 to 2020, I Ketut Ardana told reporters, in Sanur, said the development of the tourist village show positive progress. Wisman was recognized as having great interest to come kesejumlah concern to rural tourism development by the government.

"Of the many villages that have been introduced by the government, there are some who have been very regularly to visit our members," he said.

It's just that I Ketut Ardana has some records to the government in the development of rural tourism. One crucial is the lack of coordination on the development of new tourist village. Though the information is necessary, as a follow-up campaign carried ASITA abroad.

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