7 Things to Do at Bali Safari & Marine Park

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Bali is well known for its beautiful beach and culture but the tourism attraction in Bali can be expanded further. You have to visit Bali Safari & Marine Park especially if you want to enjoy a holiday with family. If you only think that the biggest attraction is only about the animal, you might be wrong because various kinds of experience can be found at this place. Here are 7 things you can do at Bali Safari & Marine Park.

Sleeping in Wild Neighborhood

Yes, you can find various options of hotel, resort, and villa in Bali but you will not find the same experience like offered by Mara River Safari Lodge located within Bali Safari & Marine Park. You will sleep in the room while the wild animals can be seen right from your balcony. You will not only be able to see the zebra and rhino because you can also feed them with the fresh carrots provided for free.

Peaceful Moments

Nature can bring peace and there are some peaceful moments you can enjoy at this place. After exploring the jungle which can be exhausting, you can enjoy the quiet relaxation moment by soaking in the pool. This time, you will not view the ocean but the zebras, rhinos, and even elephants. Traditional Balinese massage can also bring you to the peaceful and relaxing experience in the middle of the wild.

Unique Dining

Dining within Bali Safari & Marine Park can be different because you can enjoy the western food right next to the lions. The lions will join you not only when enjoying dinner but also in the restroom. You can also enjoy a more traditional dining experience with the view of rice fields from the balcony in the restaurant located within the area.

Day and Night Safari Journey

Of course, you cannot miss the Day Safari Journey at this place. You will take the bus which will bring them riding along the natural habitats of the animal from Indonesia, India, as well as Africa. You will find the safari journey which is completely different by joining Night Safari Journey. Instead of the common bus, you will travel in the cage after the dark when the carnivores are looking for the prey. You can get adrenaline rushing experience as the tiger’s prey.

The Shows

There are also some shows which are performed by human and animals. Petting zoo must be something fun to do with the kids. You must not miss the opportunity to watch the Bali Agung showcase. Elephant show can be a right option to witness the cleverness and talent of the elephants. The thrilling performance is offered by the fire show team. All can be enjoyed in Bali Safari & Marine Park.

The Rides

You will not only find kind of zoo in this place because you will also be able to find the mini theme park. The kids will love the Climbing Car and Merry Go Round while the older one can enjoy the coaster.

Dance Class

Even when you are at Bali Safari & Marine Park, you are also able to get in touch with Balinese culture. You can learn Balinese traditional dance from the master.


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