Tips Keep Your Body Fit on Vacation

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Vacation becomes a fun and awaited activity for everyone. In order for your vacation to run smoothly, health should still be considered. Do not get when you're on vacation, you just sick. Therefore, you should pay attention to health during the holidays. How to?

#. Get enough sleep

The body needs sufficient rest time. Sleep can restore exhausted energy. Do not force yourself if the body is feeling tired. Take a rest before starting the journey.

#. Breakfast

Breakfast becomes a source of energy to undergo activity and it is important to maintain the body's metabolic system. Therefore, a breakfast time to be energized and vibrant body.

#. Healthy snacks

To overcome the desire to snack while on a trip or being at a tourist site, prepare a healthy snack of granola or protein bar.

#. Take time to exercise

Take a 5-10 minute stretch every morning in the hotel room. Stretch your hands, feet, neck, shoulders, and back so that the body is fresher. Can also do push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, and some yoga poses. Take advantage of the sports facilities provided by the hotel.

#. On foot

If the distance between one destination with another not so far, you should walk. In addition to saving on transportation costs, walking will burn calories, maintain heart health, increase metabolism, prevent osteoporosis, and make the body fit.

#. Prevent dehydration

Given the busy schedule of holiday activities, always provide a bottle of water to prevent the body from dehydration. In addition to water, you can also quench your thirst by drinking coconut water. Coconut water becomes the right choice to restore body fluids. Coconut water is also good to eat after exercise.

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