5 Things You Need to Know Before Watching Kecak Dance

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Bali still has a myriad of charms to visit. Even so much, Bali is still a destination that never feels bored. Starting from dance, tourist attractions, to culinary, Bali has many options to fill vacation time. One of the popular and obligatory cultures to visit in Bali is Kecak Uluwatu Dance.

Who does not know about this original art of Bali? We still believe that Ticket Friend would be no stranger to this Kecak Uluwatu Dance. However, although you all already understand and understand about this typical dance, it turns out there are some things to know before watching Kecak Uluwatu Dance. And unfortunately, there are still many of us who do not know or forget these things.

Here are some things you need to know before watching Kecak Uluwatu Dance:

  1. Coming Before 4 Hours Afternoon

Try to ask a friend around you who have been to Uluwatu but failed to watch Kecak Dance. Surely most of them have obstacles running out of tickets.

Yes, like most visitors or other tourists, running out of tickets is indeed the biggest factor in the failure of a person watching Kecak Uluwatu Dance. To avoid this, you'll need to come early before the ticket booth is opened. Typically, the ticket booth is opened at 17:00 WITA and the queue is quite chaotic. Therefore, come and stand by from 4 pm is the right time.

  1. Using Special Fabrics

When visiting Uluwatu Temple which is the location of Kecak Dance, we will see a big box containing two kinds of fabric, purple and yellow (or orange).

As a visitor to Uluwatu Temple, we are required to use this cloth when entering the location. Do not you forget to wear it well. The purple color is for those who wear shorts or short skirts. While the yellow or orange cloth is reserved for those who wear pants or long skirts.

  1. Saving Valuables

When visiting Pura Uluwatu, surely you often hear announcements to store valuables. Actually what for?

The answer is none other than is to avoid ourselves from the disturbance of the monkeys around the area Uluwatu Temple. Yes, these monkeys are very fond of glittering and expensive items such as jewelry, gadgets, and even glasses. And one thing you need to know, these monkeys are very intelligent. So if you think you keep your stuff with a little help.

  1. Two Entrance Entrances

There are some things that do not seem much known to the visitors of Uluwatu Temple, especially for those who want to go to watch Kecak Uluwatu Dance. One of them is the entrance.

Most of us, who go alone and first set foot in Pura Uluwatu, surely we will be directed to the north door of the temple which is on the right side of the parking lot. In fact, if your goal is to watch Kecak Uluwatu Dance, you can go straight to the south entrance. The line at the door is closed to the Kecak dance arena and ticket booth. In addition, the path is also safer than the brunt of monkeys.

  1. The Right Time to Find a Seat

Okay, finally after lined up a ticket that is super crowded and crowded, you also get tickets Kecak Dance that you want to watch. So, when is the right time to find a seat?

While watching Kecak Uluwatu Dance, the right position to see the sunset with the best photo angle is of course in the stands that are not too front. To get this position, of course, do not come too fast. Just for information, the dance will start at 6 pm WITA, so coming 30 minutes before the event starts will be very helpful.

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