Tanjung Benoa

A Perfect Beautiful Beach for Watersport Enjoyment

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Bali Island is one of the most recommended tourist destinations in the world. It is very famous to all over the world for the magnificent beauty of nature. Whenever you go in every spot of Bali, you will always find the interesting experiences, exploring Bali and all of the unique beauty. The Inland of the Gods has many interesting tourism spots that should be visited in every corner of it. This is the reason of why many local and international tourists choose Bali to travel to. From so many options of the tourism spots in Bali, we will talk about Tanjung Benoahere.

Tanjung Benoa is situated near to Nusa Dua with its clean white sands everywhere. The beach has calmer waves rather than the other beaches in Bali. That is why it becomes a perfect spot to have kinds of watersport. Besides, the beach is also used to offer the amazing nautical tourism options for the tourists. With the awesome views of the beach that has been well-known globally, it is not too much to say that Tanjung Benoa is too beautiful to miss when you have a trip to Bali.

If you plan to enjoy a nautical tour in Bali, then this tourism spot should be on your list to visit. Tanjung Benoa is never a lack of visitors; either high or low season, both local and international tourists. You can enjoy so many things on the beach, especially the watersports in kinds of options. Otherwise, you can choose to walk around the beach to only enjoy the beauty. Never forget to bring your camera so every beautiful spot of the beach can be caught by pictures.

TanjungBenoais located farthest southeast of the Island of Gods. You can reach the beach by renting a car or riding a travel agent’s car from the airport. Get some help of Google maps to find the location if needed.Yet, the beach location is strategic, you may not need the maps because the beach is very easy to find. One of the most popular tourism spots in Bali is known by everyone. So you also can ask anyone you meet if you get lost in your trip.

It only needs about 30 minutes of car ride from Ngurah Rai InternationalAirport to TanjungBenoa. The time estimation could be right since you are not trapped in a traffic jam as long as the way to the beach. In order to avoid traffic jam that commonly happens in the city, it is recommended to use Bali Madara highways to reach TanjungBenoa. Special for those who travel with family and kids, you also can find many tourism spots surround the beach that is perfectly designed as family tourism spots. One of them is an island that is specially used for turtle breed and preservation. In this island, your kids will learn much about how to breed turtles and enjoy their time to learn about how to love animals and preserve the nature.

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