Traveling, Hobby That Changed You Better. Do you Believe?

Administrator · Thursday, 24 August 2017 · 236 Views

What's on our mind when hearing someone has a hobby of traveling? Yes, surely we will think that a person is a rich man who has a lot of time and a hobby of spending money. Well, how expensive is that traveling? For some people who like traveling, travelling has its own philosophy. Traveling is not just a walk-out activity to waste money but much more "in" than that.


"Traveling teaches the traveler to know how the earth lies so vast with diverse textures."

People who inhabit it also has a different character. True travelers are those who love something new, open to diversity, and understand very well that the world is not just the house he lives in or the office where they work. By traveling travelers understand very well out there God has created many varied things, which we can appreciate while thanking you for life. Anyone we meet on the journey may be someone we know or not, a person who has a character we like and who does not, a person who is as fortunate as us and who is not. With so travel becomes a vast land for us to learn, learn and learn.

"Give charity to those who ask, and give thanks to the blessings that God bestows. During the journey we will find those who are more fortunate and who are more pregnant than us."

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