6 Reasons to Enjoy Geger Beach, Bali like a King

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Kuta Beach can be the most popular beach in Bali but recently Geger Beach name in Bali is getting famous due to the visit of King Salman from Saudi Arabia. The king has some reasons for visiting this beach instead of the more iconic beach in Bali. However, you do not have to be a king to enjoy this beach. You can be like a king by visiting Geger beach. Here are the reasons.

Cheap Entrance 

Bali is well known for the free access to various beautiful beaches spread on the island. You do not have to pay a lot to enjoy the great view and interesting activities at the beach including at Geger beach. You only need to spend 3,000 rupiahs for parking their vehicle in the beach area. If you stay at the hotel next to the beach, the entrance to the beach is included in the facility offered by the hotel.

Culinary Adventure

Beach is not the only attraction which can be found at this beach because you can also fulfill your appetite anytime they feel hungry after playing at the beach. Various culinary destinations can be found along the shore. The cafes can be a great place for hanging out with friends. You can also have a taste for the cocktails. Anytime you want to enjoy the delicious main course, you can find the restaurant which offers the traditional menus served in five stars standard. What a great experience to have delicious dinner with beach view.

Water Activities

Water activities surely become the strong point of this beach which you must not miss. Of course, you can always enjoy a great time sunbathing at the beach but when you think it is enough for enjoying the beautiful view of the beach, you can try to jump into the water. It is too common for swimming because, at this beach, you can challenge your adrenaline by jet skiing. This beach is not that crowded compared to Kuta so you are free to play until sunset.

Pretty White Sand

If white sand is something you are looking for from the beach, you make the right decision by visiting Geger beach. The beach stretches pretty long and all covered with white sand. It is not too crowded so you will not see any trash along the shore. White sand combined with calm blue water will send the relaxing vibe to anyone visiting it. 

Camel Ride Experience

You want to be like King Salman riding the camel at the desert but you do not have to visit the desert first because camel riding experience can be found at Geger beach. Yes, you can really enjoy the beach trip like a king since you will ride the camel while served with super beautiful beach view in Bali.

Beautiful Sunrise

Bali trip cannot be separated from the sunrise hunting. Viewing the sunrise at the beach in Bali will be an unforgettable experience but sunrise view cannot be seen at any beach. The good point is that you can watch the sunrise at Geger beach. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s enjoy king beach trip.

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