Ubud Market

Art and Cultural Market with Low Price yet High Quality Products

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Ubud Market is one of a traditional market in Bali that becomes the complimentary of the cultural diversity of Bali. This tourism site is always visited by tourists every day, both domestic and international tourists. As the name, this tourism site provides tons of products for daily needs. What makes this market different is the low price. Actually, it is logical that the price is low because this market is a traditional market in Bali. One thing to understand is although the price is low and affordable; you should not underestimate the quality. Product quality in this market is top and ready to compete with another shopping center in Bali.

A lot of tourists and local people said that traditional market is the best market in Bali. It is because the quality of the product that exceeds the price. For you who are in tight budget while visiting Bali, a traditional market is your solution to get souvenirs for the family at home. When you visit this traditional market, you will find the fact that Ubud traditional market is divided into two sections. The first is traditional market located in the west part. The west part of this market is commonly called as Ubud Art Market. It is because the traditional market is the place of sellers who offer art and crafts such as beach sarong, carvings, paintings, statues, and much more art products.  

For you who look for souvenirs, this west section of Ubud Market is the place to go. In general, product quality in this market is the best but a tag with a low price. Hence, when you buy souvenirs in this market, you will get best quality items with affordable price. It is possible to get a low price because the product is brought in right from the artisans. In addition, the shopping custom is bargaining. You can haggle with the seller to get a better price.

The second section of this tourism site is Ubud Traditional Market that sells daily needs for people of Ubud and the surrounding area. Some of the products are rice, fruits, vegetables, and so much more daily products. Usually, tourists are rarely visiting this second section of Ubud market. Most visitors are local people who sell and buy their daily needs. Therefore, this market section is more showing you the typical scent of Indonesian traditional market, such as the scent of fruits, vegetables, and more. About the price, the products sell in this market are also affordable that meet Balinese people pocket.

Ubud Market is located at the main Road of Ubud, Gianyar Regency, Bali Province, Indonesia. For you who plan to visit the market to buy souvenirs or other things you need, you had better come to the market at 4 am in the morning to 6 pm in the afternoon. That is the time of the transaction in this traditional market. The market is open every day so tourists could come at any day to buy various products. For you who have vacationed in Bali and confuse where to buy low price yet high-quality souvenirs, this traditional market is the answer.  

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