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Tanah Lot is one of the most popular tourism destinations in Bali. Almost every people who come to Bali visit this place. Bali is so special because you can anything in this island. If you are the real traveler then you will never feel confused when visiting Bali. You can find many beautiful scenery like beaches, villages and other natural place with perfect atmosphere to throw away your stress limit.   You can also enjoy the traditional food from Bali like nasi lawar, ayam betutu, pie susu and kacang Bali.  Once you come to Bali then you will come there again in the next time.

When you are visiting Tanah Lot then you should follow some instruction there. Bali is an island that still keeps all the traditional tradition. Bali local people are famous with the honest people. They never stole anything. They are really afraid with karma. In this place, you can find two big temples above the stone. The location is perfectly near the beach. The visitors can directly enjoy the beautiful scenery of the beach while praying to the Lord on this temple. This temple almost full every day. Many visitors come from around the world. You can enjoy the perfect sunset from the beach line.

This temple is the place that Bali people use to pray for the guardian deity of the sea. You can hear some historical story when visiting this temple. Until now, you can also see the big sea snake that has highly toxic. If you are lucky then you can find the snake because not all visitors have their luck when come there. The unique about this temple is that when the sea water was high tide then the temple will look like in the middle of the sea.  You can come there to enjoy sunrise or sunset. No one can deny the perfect scenery that you can capture there.

When you come to Tanah Lot then you should wear a typical Balinese fabric. If you are female then you are not allowed to come to the temple when you are in a period. Do not try to break the rules if you want to stay well. Bali is rich in mysterious and as a visitors you should follow them without any negative action. Keep your words as good as possible and be positive. This temple is one of the sacred temples in Bali.

This place is full of tourist when the full moon comes. Even in the midnight you still can enjoy the amazing full moon that near with the sea. Bali people always pray in the full moon. That is the reason why you can also capture the traditional ceremony that you never see before. You can also find the freshwaters spring there. That is the miracle because in the sea you can find the freshwaters. The name of the freshwater spring is Tirta Pabersihan. When you come there right on the birthday date of this temple then you can see the Bali attraction directly.

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