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Indonesia is a lucky country because it has so many beautiful islands. One of the most famous islands in Indonesia is Bali. Many people come to this place to enjoy the beaches. Bali has so many beautiful beaches with white sand. Some of the beaches can be used as the water sports spot like Tanjung Benoa. If you want to visit another beach that still has natural look is Padang-padang beach. The location is hidden but after you touchdown to this beach then you will feel amazed.

Padang-padang beach is one of the best beaches in Bali. You can just enjoy the fresh beach water while sun bathing. Get the fresh air in the morning while seeing the sunrise. Everything that you do there will become perfect. The local people still keep this beach as natural as possible. When you want to come to this beach you have to park your vehicle away. After that, you will see the different way to the beach like another beach that you ever visit. This beach will give you natural scenery of rocks and cliffs. You can also see the foreign tourist that enjoys the beach using the bikini.

If you ever watch a movie Eat Pray and Love with Julia Roberts as the star then the shooting location was on the Padang-padang beach. This hidden beach is so beautiful. If you want to visit this beach through the Bali Ngurah Rai International airport then you just need for about 45 minutes using the vehicles to arrive. If you love to play in the water and enjoy the beach, this beach will make you fall in love. The type of waves is really quiet so that you can freely play without the need to worry. The white sand will make you feel comfortable while lying on the beach.

The location of this beach is near the Dreamland beach. After you through the Dreamland beach then you will find the Padang-padang. So many foreign tours from around the world who love to come there. If you know about the Michael Learn to Rock then they ever shoot their music video on this beach. This beach is so famous. The beauty becomes the real fact that makes this beach come around this world. If you love to surf then you may try the waves there. Get special sensation from the waves for surfing.

Some local people also love to come to this beach in the afternoon to enjoy the sunset moment. They love to capture every single moment while talking each other. Many couples also choose this beach as the best place for their pre-wedding photo session. Get the romantic moment with your partner will be so meaningful. If you want to come to Bali, do not forget to put this beach on your traveling list. You can also book some villa or hotel days before your traveling date. Do not forget to enjoy the Bali traditional massage while staying in Bali. They have good aromatherapy too for you.

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