Lovina Beach

A Beach in Bali with Dolphin Attractions and Amazing Nature Beauty

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Lovina Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali and you should visit it when you travel to Bali. Besides, you also can feel a different atmosphere when you visit the beach. If you always find white sands in the other beaches, then you will find black sands in LovinaBeach. This is one of the interesting reasons that make you should visit the beach when you are in Bali.

Lovina Beach is located on the northern side of Bali Island. You have to choose this beach and enjoy to be there if you want to have a comfortable and peaceful holiday. That is not all, the typical beauty of the beach is as beautiful as the beaches in Hawaii.The uniqueness is in the black sand color spread on the beach.

Besides the unique color of the sands on the beach, another uniqueness to have on Lovina Beach is the dolphin attractions that can be seen on the sea.You can rent a boat to sail the sea and to interact with the dolphin's closer. That is why the Dolphins become the icon of the tourism in Lovina Beach.Besides, the unique beauty of the sunrise on the beach also has become a well-known attraction. Therefore, you should write Lovina Beach on the list of your tourism spots to visit as long as you are traveling to the northern Bali. Or you must be upset for not experiencing the beach time on Lovina Beach.

LovinaBeach is located in a village called DesaKalibukbuk, it is in the west o Singaraja. To reach the beach, you should ride about 9 kilometers to the west of the Bulelengdistrict’s capital city. If you are from Ngurah Rai International Airport, you need 2-3 hours of a car ride to the beach.

The beach views are not the only feature that can be enjoyed in Lovina Beach. The beach and the sea are famous for it is the spot where many dolphins commonly gather. The coming of the dolphins is as if they want to keep in touch with the visitors of the beach. So, don’t forget to prepare the best camera before your trip to the beach, so that you can memorize all attractions of the dolphins. It is recommended so you will never miss any beautiful and rare moment of the jumping dolphins.

To enjoy the beautiful and rare views of the dolphin attractions, it is recommended to visit Lovina Beach in the morning. In the early day, you will see the dolphin attractions clearly. The attractions will be more interesting and more beautiful even more because you will also enjoy the amazing view of the sunrise on the east in the same time. It means that you should ride from the hotel earlier if you stay in the southern Bali. It is important to be on time, you don’t miss the dolphin attractions. After enjoying the attractions in Lovina Beach, you can continue your trip to the other tourism spots nearby, including Banjar hot springs and also the Krishna Fantastic Land.

You will never get bored when you visit Lovina Beach. The beach has stunning beauty of the mountains. Besides, it also offers kinds of watersport and snorkeling with its beautiful reserved corals. So, don’t forget to visit Lovina Beach when you travel to Bali.

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