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Sanur village is known as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bali. The village’s façade is a 3-kilometer coastline. That is why tourists often called the village as a place where the spirit of Bali can always be enjoyed and relished. Sanur is not just popular for its beautiful view but is also heaven for eating and shopping. 

Tourists said that Sanur beach Bali is offering the best spot for watching sunrise, and Matahari beach is the place for the best sunrise. As a popular destination, Sanur hosts so many beachfront properties; you can easily find jasmine hotels, private villas, cottages as well as international five-star hotels. In Sanur, everyone would love to enjoy unique culinary experiences in fine beachfront cafes and restaurants. And for shopping lovers, Sanur is the perfect place since there are fine art galleries where they can find unique crafts. The village also has cultural attractions that have been modified into public shows. For beginner surfers, Sanur Beach and village are very popular. It has perfect small to medium waves. The beach also a perfect place for playing Jukung (traditional boat), canoe, sailing, and other water activities.


Based on history, Sanur was a very prominent area in Bali. The beach was the spot used by the Netherlands when they landed in 1906. The history also wrote that the beach was the place where the first war between Netherlands against the Balinese occurred. Tourists from all over the world love Sanur because of its trouble-free access as well as its strategic location. If compared to other places in Bali, the transportation in Sanur is effortless since taxi and public buses can be found easily. However, many tourists choose car rental due to its effectiveness.

If you visit Sanur and do not want to stay in a hotel, you can try another option, which is a private luxury villa. There are numerous private villas in Sanur; you can easily choose from the most affordable to the sleek and expensive ones. Though many villas are modernly designed, it is not hard to find the villas which look so idyllic in Balinese-style. Generally, such villas are featured by Alang - Alang thatched roof and decorated with carved pillars. Such traditional elements blend perfectly with a philosophy to create beautiful and tranquil retreats.


If choosing Sanur as your destination for a tropical holiday, it is recommended to stay in one of the finest luxury villas because you will find the best dining options. You will easily find places to eat along the roads. This area will provide you a profusion of cheap eateries to the most exclusive restaurants and cafes. There are some places for trying different dishes, such as Danau Poso, Pantai Sindhu and Danau Tamblingan streets. In those area, you can taste different dishes, from local Balinese, Seafood, Indonesian menus, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, French and surely fast food. Visiting Sanur night market is also a must because you can find local foods at more affordable prices. You have to visit Sanur village, the place where you will be spoiled with unlimited choices.

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