Ulun Danu Temple

the Exotic Religious Site in Bedugul Bali

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Who does not know Bali? The island offers a variety of beauty and charm that can be the main attraction for the tourists to come visit there. One of which is the existence of Ulun Danu Temple. Indonesian citizens may already be familiar with one of the temple contained in the rupiah denominations. Bali does have many temples scattered in different locations. The existence of temple in Beratan Lake neighborhood seems to have a special attraction for the tourists. The location of this temple is quite special because being at the edge of the lake at an altitude of about 1200 km. The area around the temple is able to present a cool and comfortable atmosphere. This religious site area is located in the village of Candikuning, Buriti, Tabanan, Bali, or about 50 km to the north of Denpasar. To go to the lake region and the complex religious sites is also easy because of the region's tourist destinations are in the main line Denpasar - Singaraja.

Beautiful temple and stands firmly on the Beratan lake area was established around 1556 Saka (about 1634 M) by I Gusti Agung Putu. With the establishment of the temple, Mengwi Kingdom could be increasingly popular. In fact, I Gusti Agung Putu eventually dubbed as I Gusti Agung Sakti by the people. Literally, the Ulun Danu Temple has a meaning as a temple that is on top of the lake. This temple was established as a cult of Sang Hyang Widhi and gods’ preserver lake area. In addition, the temple is also used as a place of worship for the goddess who dwells in the lake Beratan that Goddess Lakshmi who is the goddess of fertility and beauty. Certainly, the presence of Lake Beratan that serves as a farm irrigation further strengthen the role of the temple as a place of worship for Lord of the Worlds.

Of course, even though the temple area on the edge of the lake is an important religious site for Hindus in Bali, the general visitors are also allowed to enter the area. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of temples and natural surroundings are so beautiful in the vicinity. The existence of unique temple with stunning natural scenery able to make this area as one that is fascinating religious sites in Bali. After enjoying the beauty or learn about the uniqueness of the temple building, you can do some activities in the area such as around the lake by canoe, hiking in the hills around the lake, enjoy a game of water, or otherwise.

Temples and tourist area lake in Tabanan Bali is already quite popular it is not surprising that there are many facilities that could allow visitors there. You do not need to worry if you want a longer stay and enjoy the atmosphere of calm and peace in the region because it already provided some hotels and villas in the region that could be an option. You can find some stalls selling souvenirs and gifts. You can find several places to eat that serve a variety of dishes typical of Bali or the other.

Been to Bali of course is not just a play of water at Kuta Beach or some other beach resorts is already very well known to the whole world. You can also find a variety of tourist destinations that presents a different atmosphere. One of which is a visit to the region of Lake Beratan located in Bedugul, Tabanan Bali. You cannot only discover the beauty of the lake and the surrounding landscape is so green and lush, but you can also visit one of the sites with a unique religious and exoticism offered. You can visit the Ulun Danu Temple that is one of the largest temples in Bali besides Besakih Temple.

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