Secluded Heaven in Bali

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Ubud Bali has perfectly grown into one of the most amazing destinations in the island. The accommodation blend with the beauty of the mountains and rain forest. All of the villas and hotels are ranging from the mid-price up to the 5 star luxury hotels. However, you still can find a few budget places but mostly are not situated anywhere near the tranquil settings. 

If we discuss about hotel accommodation, we surely understand there are few places in the world that can compare to Ubud extravagance. Ubud has some of the finest accommodation to offer, including some traditional Bali Villas that have been changed to bring pure comfort and lavishness to their guests. Most up market villas there will be fully secluded from any other buildings so you will get a feeling that you are completely insulated from other people. If you choose to stay in those villas, you can sit on a deck area with a beautiful backdrop of some natural beauty that can be found only in Ubud, air conditioning system and 24-hour room service, which are the mod cons you might wish for. Most of the villas have infinity swimming pools so you can cool down your body during the heat. Spas and massage services, five-star cafes and bar facilities can be easily found in the best places.


The main village of Ubud Bali contains art galleries and shops. If you go there, you can buy some of the paintings, sculptures and other designs at reasonable prices. However, you have to make sure that there is no ivory because some Balinese craftsmen still use it as a medium. 

In the Ubud village, you may also find spa and massage services. Ubud also offers many cycle paths and hiking trails since it is surrounded by mountains. Those paths and trails connect to some of the most spectacular views, such as mountains, rain forests, and volcano. It is better to take personal guides to help you. Usually, the Ubud private villas and hotels also offer day trip if you wish to do some diving or whitewater rafting; they will organize everything you need to find the memorable experiences.

Ubud Bali is totally unique and it is not as crowded as other tourist spots on the island. The tropical weather of Bali tends to affect the popularity of the beachfront resorts more than this secluded place. Though the wet season in Bali is quite long, which is from October to May, there are still some interesting things to find in Ubud. Passing the dense rainforest in the wet rainy season, the art courses and the cultural programs always brings tourists to visit Ubud even when the popular beaches of Sanur and Kuta are comparatively quiet. You have to remember that the peak season is still the same, which is from April to September, and it is important that you book the private villas or hotels in Ubud sufficiently early to ensure that you get the best place to stay.

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