Tegalalang Rice Terrace

a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Tegalalang rice terrace will show the green and nature scenery that almost disappear from this earth. When you are staying in a big city that full of pollution then you will feel so bored. The oxygen that you get is not clean anymore. Bali is the good choice for you to enjoy your holiday. Stay in Bali will make you feel comfort than before. You will never confuse about the regulation of religion, style of cloth and others. You are free there. Of course, as you know that Bali still deep in tradition and culture and anything that related to those two things can not be separated.

When you are already in Bali just chooses Tegalalang as your tourist destination. Say goodbye to the mall, pub or any other modern life style. You need to back in nature in Tegalalang. On this place you will feel the green and fresh air. Tegalalang rice terrace is so beautiful. You will have your new style of holiday there. You will not only enjoy the rice terrace but also see the farmer activity to make it keep in green. Tegalalang is the real village with comfortable situation. You can have good conversation with local people and learn about many things there. 


After traveling around the village then you can also eat the delicious food from the local restaurant. The restaurant will bring your childhood memory back. You can choose the most comfortable gazebo and enjoy your food there. The most favorite drink on this place is green tea. Green tea is good for your skin and body. It also rich with antioxidant that can make you stay young forever. The rice terrace in Tegalalang is the most favorite tourism destination in Bali beside the beach. Once you come there then you will come again for the next time.

The location of this Tegalalang rice terrace is near Ubud. That is why when visitors come to Ubud they will also come to Tegalalang. You can just come there for about 20 minutes driving the motorcycle or car. If you come to Bali then you do not bring your own vehicle it will not cause a big problem. You can get the vehicle rent there with good service and price. In Tegalalang you can also find so many home industries. Most of them are making the souvenirs and merchandise. You can buy from the showroom and bring it for your family. 

Tegalalang is never quiet from the tourist. Most of the tourists come from international world. Sometimes, they love to capture the moment do by the farmer in the field. It shows the natural activity but really meaningful. The best moment to come there is in the morning and in the afternoon. You can enjoy the fresh water from the rice terrace and visit each home industries that you never seen before. Subak is the main activity that always makes the tourist interest. Subak is the irrigation system that used by the farmer to deliver water for their field.

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