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One of exoticism temple in Bali

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Bali is known as one of the well with many temples that can easily be found in various regions. The majority of the people of Bali are a Hindu. From various temples that can be found in Bali, one of the temples that are enough to attract attention is Taman Ayun Temple. This temple is located in the village of Mengwi, Mengwi, Badung Bali. Taman Ayun in Bali language has a meaning as a pretty garden. This is in accordance with the beauty of the scenery in the area of the temple. Temple complex is surrounded by a pond that can provide exotic scenery those appeals to visitors. Besides the beauty of the pond that surrounds the temple, the beautiful scenery in this area is also supported by the growth of lush trees and flowers around the temple. With beauty that is owned, the name pinned to the temple is likely to be very appropriate. 

When entering the temple area, you will find that this temple complex is divided into three parts, namely the open space, the main building, and buildings designated as a place of worship of gods and goddesses. The first part functioned as a location for some religious activities as well as the stage arts. In these areas, visitors can enjoy the beauty arrangement of 'Meru' which is a typical multi-storey pagoda roof building temples in Bali. The second part of the building there is named Bale Quaint decorated with reliefs of art, sculpture, and statues of God Nawa Sanga that is amazing. And, another beauty can be enjoyed by visitors when it traveled to the temple relics of the kingdom Mengwi is located approximately 300 m from the temples and museums Manusa Yadnya to witness the ceremony of the cycle of human life begin in the womb to death.

Beautiful scenery in the area of Taman Ayun Temple will be more enchanting when the lotus in the pond surrounding the entire temple flowering. Region momentum will look more beautiful and stunning. Besides beautiful lotus has a relationship, you can also find a variety of plants and flowers that grow around the lake with a neat order. As of mid visitors will enter the temple, there is a small bridge to cross the lake. At the end of the bridge, there are buildings Bentar Temple as the main door to get into the court of the Temple.

After being around to enjoy the beauty of the temple area, you can cross the street and find there are plenty of vendors selling food or gifts. Visiting religious sites can provide its own energy. Atmosphere temple area is quiet and peaceful able to give positive energy to visitors. With beauty that is owned, regional religious sites can also be used as a photo spot interesting. The temple building is unique, the stunning scenery around it, or the unique things that exist in these areas can provide unique on photographic results.

Bali does have a myriad of tourist destinations ranging nature, culture, art, shopping, to religion. When you feel saturated with excursions to places of tourist beaches, you can choose to visit several religious sites in Bali. You can find a different atmosphere when you are in the area. Even when there is a celebration or a religious ceremony, you can feel the touch of the sacred ritual ongoing. Therefore, when you visit Bali, you should not miss visiting Taman Ayun Temple or other religious sites.

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