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Bali is the island of beauty, wonder, love and culture. People who have visited Bali understand that the island is more than what people read on Eat, Pray, Love novel because it is more than just a yoga retreats. A holiday to Bali is a perfect option for backpackers, newlyweds, families and anyone who wants to find some different experiences in a wonderful place. There are many popular tourist destinations in the island, and one of them is Seminyak. For most visitors, Seminyak Bali is a mandatory place to visit because of its beautiful beaches, unique cultural activities and much more. If you want to go to Seminyak, here are some important things to keep in mind so your journey will turn to be something special. 

Choose hotels near the beach


If you really want to enjoy your holiday, it only makes sense that you choose to stay near a beach. Seminyak is popular because of its beaches and it will be a perfect destination for tourists. There are some great things about the beaches in the area; it is right next to the Legian Beach, which is another popular tourist destination and just some minutes away from Potato Head beach. It is said that Seminyak is the well-developed part of the city, which means that you do not have to worry about finding interesting things. For example, if you do not have desires for your vacation other than to sit on the beach and spend the night at the clubs, you can stay at some of the Seminyak resorts and hotels because both of these are close to a variety of interesting activities that will give you an unforgettable vacation. 

Doing some cheap activities


If you are coming from a developed country like the United States or Australia, you may quickly realize that the money you have goes much further during your holiday. So, we suggest you find and enjoy as many cheap activities as you can. One of the cheap activities is scuba diving since it provides interesting trips and you will be able to watch a variety of great reefs and crystal-clear waters. For you who do not like underwater activities, you can find another excitement by renting a boat, go for parasailing or do something else. If you left bathing suit at home, you can try to grab golf clubs and go to the Nirwana Golf Club, which is one of the top golf courses in Asia. We can say that all visitors will easily find plenty of exciting activities in Seminyak Bali and you do not have to worry because such activities are cheaper than what you expect.

Do not forget to try some traditional menus


Seminyak Bali is the center of local cuisine since it has tons of options that will spoil your tongue. One of the special menus is foods that are fused with curry. There are also a plenty of Asian influences as well as restaurants that bring western foods.

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