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If you come to Indonesia do not forget to visit Bali. You can come there through the Ngurah Rai international airport. If you bring your own vehicle then you can through the common way. After touchdown in Bali then you have to check in first in the best hotel that you like. If you are newlywed then you have to choose the private hotel with private room service for you. Jimbaran beach will make you fall in love. You can enjoy the scenery while dancing with Bali traditional dancer there. The most wanted thing when tourists visit this beach is all about the seafood.

Jimbaran beach is the beach that has a special type of waves. The calm waves that make many business people open the restaurant around the beach line. You can just sit there while enjoying the fresh wind from the beach. When you are lucky then you can see some performance like dancing, fireworks attraction, and others. The best menu there is seafood. You can enjoy some seafood like crab, fish; squid also shells in various menu and sauces. Just come there anytime you want but the best moment is when sunset until midnight.

Jimbaran is located near Denpasar and only 10 minutes from Ngurah Rai international airport. Near Jimbaran, you can also find so many luxurious hotels. This location is the favorite spot in Bali. That is the reason why Jimbaran never sleep. If you want to have special dinner like romantic dinner with your couple, you can as the preparation to the staff. You can choose the restaurants that have the best decoration for you. Do not forget to bring your camera and capture every moment that you have there. If you visit this beach while still afternoon then you can play on the beach line. Jimbaran has white and yellow sand. This beach is still clean and well preserved.

You can also enjoy the Bali traditional music there. Just enjoy the sunset while lying on the beach. Jimbaran is always crowded and you will feel different sensation anytime you visit this place. If you want to buy some souvenirs, you can find some store that will give you various items. Do not forget to bring some for your family at home. If you want to get a simple way while visiting Bali then you better choose the Bali tour package.

You can choose the tour package and choose the time by using your own schedule. Using the Bali tour package is easier because you do not need to be confused when you want to go somewhere. You will also get some special service from the tour agent just like pickup and delivery service from and to the airport. After go to the Jimbaran beach then you can also visit other beaches like Dreamland beach, Kuta beach and enjoy the sunset in Sanur beach. You may also enjoy the midnight culinary from Bali and get the best taste for your holiday. Happy Holiday in Bali, guys.

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