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When you visit Bali, you can find many destinations and attractions that seem to be very dear to miss. One is Candi Kuning Market located in the Bedugul area of Bali. The single market is dominated by a variety of fruits and vegetables that are the result of the earth and the surrounding area of Bedugul. Bedugul area of Bali is known as one of the areas, which have cool weather because it is located in the highlands. As one of the areas in the highlands, plants suitable for planting are a kind of vegetable and fruit. Agricultural and plantation of fruit and vegetable sector are what ultimately can be easily found on the market in the region.

There are different types of fruits and vegetables that can be found in traditional markets in Bedugul. The market is dominated by fruits than vegetables, however; buyers will also likely feel very satisfied shopping fresh fruit and vegetables in the market. You can find strawberries, bananas, passion fruit, oranges, mangos, and more. Although this market is a small traditional market, a wide range of traded goods turned out to be quite complete. In addition to fruits and vegetables that are more dominated sales of products in the market Bedugul, visitors can also find a variety of other items there. One of which is various souvenirs typical of Bali such as clothes, accessories, slippers, and more.

Although Candi Kuning Market is included one of the traditional markets and small, the arrangement of the items in the market is quite neat compared to most other traditional markets. Fruit traders will usually arrange the fruits offered by making a cone shape so it looks neat and beautiful. The tourists are usually attracted to visit the traditional markets because they see the colorful mountains of the far turned out to be a pile of fresh fruit are sold traders.

If you are visiting Bedugul area, you will not be difficult to find the location of the traditional market offers many products, especially the fresh fruits. The market is located on the left of the road on the way to Singaraja. The market location is also not far from the Botanical Gardens of Bedugul or Beratan Lake. From the tourist areas, you can travel about five minutes to get to the traditional market of the neat and attractive. Besides finding a variety of vendors selling fruits and vegetables and various trinkets Balinese, you can also find many merchant plant flowers in the back of the market. In fact, when you want to enjoy the atmosphere while drinking coffee, you can also find several options coffee shops available there. In fact, you can also taste the unique cuisine such as rabbit satay that can be found on the market.

Traveled to an area are always provide the experience and lesson of its own. When you visit a traditional market in an area, you can see the beauty and uniqueness of traditions and local wisdom there. Visiting traditional markets cannot only be an option to find various products at a more affordable price but you can get better value from the visit. One of them is to visit Candi Kuning Market in the Bali Bedugul area.

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