Beji Guwang

The Hidden Canyon

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Bali surely can offer the visitors with so many great attractions which can help them create unforgettable holiday. It seems like people will not get bored no matter how many times they visit Kuta beach because it can offer the same beautiful wave and the same pretty white sand. However, Bali still has so many great things which must be explored. The secret beauty which is located in hidden place will absolutely give the different experience for anyone who makes Bali as their favorite tourism destination. In Sukawati, you can find the hidden gem that is called Beji Guwang. This hidden canyon in Bali can be the Instagram post which makes people envies the most.

Hidden Canyon


You and many tourists in Bali maybe will not have any expectation that they can find any canyon exploring experience in Bali. The well known canyon which becomes favorite tourism destination in the world must be the Grand Canyon in the United States of America. However, you can enjoy different experience exploring canyon which is pretty hidden from the crowd in Sukawati Bali. It is not like Grand Canyon with its grand size but you can still enjoy the beauty of the rock formation which has been carved by the water flow for sure.

Sacred Fountain

Beji Guwang is located in Guwang Village and that is the name of the location taken from. Beji means the fountain which is purified by the local Balinese. It means that Beji Guwang is not only beautiful place to explore but it is also sacred place for locals. That is why when visiting this place, it is better for you to pay attention to the local wisdom and tradition.

Stone Formation and Clear Water

Taking picture at this place must not be missed because you will be able to capture the beautiful combination of the stone wall as well as the clear water. The stone wall has beautiful pattern caused by the erosion for many years. You will be amazed with the nature masterpiece for sure. The beauty can be enhanced further with the reflection of the beautiful patterned rock on the surface of the clear water. There are some places of the river with calm water and this will be the best place for tasting swimming in the fresh water.

Peaceful Place

Beji Guwang can be a perfect place for people who are looking for the peaceful place for yoga or meditation. You can imagine the peaceful experience when doing yoga or meditation at this place with the soothing water sound. You can focus on yourself and your breathing. Your inner peace can be revealed in the middle of nature peace.

Fewer Facilities

Beji Guwang recently is popular as The Hidden Canyon by the tourists but you cannot expect too many facilities in this place. You have to be careful when exploring the canyon because there are many enormous rocks which are sharp and slippery. To reach this place, you need about 15-20 minutes driving to the east from Denpasar.


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