Visiting to Batubulan Village as Baron Dance Center

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An expression says that when you visit Bali taste will not be complete and perfect before you visit to Batubulan Village that is known as the center of the craft of carving and Barong dance center. The village location is strategic to reach the tourists who come to Bali. Of course, in addition to easy access to reach the area of this art village, the village also has a fascination and beauty of its own. Batubulan village is known as a center of the arts of sculpture and carving. We know that carving art is already very well known and popular among foreign tourists and domestic related Bali. In addition to the center of carving and sculpture, the village is apparently also provided the beauty with their various Balinese dances and performances such as dance Barong, Kecak, and Legong. Among the several types of dance, Barong dance is very popular and the main attraction of the village. 

Although Bali is famous tourist destination region so thick with a touch of culture, tradition, and art, not all of the regions in Bali presenting the beauty of tradition and the arts at all times to visitors. However, if you really want to watch the beauty and exoticism of Balinese dances, you can choose to visit the village of Batubulan. The village was able to present performances and typical Balinese dance performances every day with a varied schedule. Legong and Barong dance performed in the morning while the Kecak dance at night.

In the morning, you can see the Legong dance as the early opener was followed by the staging and Barong dance performances. Balinese dance show in the morning will conclude with a Keris dance performance. Staging mornings usually held from 9:30 until 10:30 every day. The performances in the evenings begin at 6 pm and 7 pm that stages Kecak dance. Kecak dance is staged not use gamelan music but only through voice tone dancers who produce in a way that gives a unique impression in the strains of music. With typical dance treats every day it is not surprising Batubulan neighborhood known as Barong dance center. As we know Barong dance has become one of the most popular art shows and demand by tourists.

Are you interested in visiting Batubulan as one of the tourist destinations in Bali? You do not have trouble to get to the village because the village was on track Batubulan located between Denpasar and Gianyar. If you want to Kintamani, you also must have passed through the village of Batubulan. Location and access that is easily reached make this village so crowded to be visited by tourists. This village is not an ordinary village.

Batubulan is a center of craft carving and sculpture as well as the center of the art of dance. You can visit many carvers and sculptures in the village. Besides, you also watch Balinese dances such as Legong, Kecak, and Barong every day on a different schedule. To enter the area of the art village, visitors are not being charged. However, if you want to watch the dance performances, you can get the rates and schedules are arranged by the travel agency. So, do not miss to stop by to Barong dance center in Batubulan.

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