Banjar Hot Spring

Hot Springs Bathing Spot that is Good for Health

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When you travel to Bali and choose to visit the northern side of the island, Banjar hot spring should be one of the tourism spots to visit. Bali is an island that is full of adventuring tourism trips that are very amazing and different with the other tourism destinations in Indonesia. If you are traveling to Bali, trip to the north will become a great idea to try.

Although the location is quite far from the Airport and the other tourism spots, the northern Bali stores so much natural beauty and it is as beautiful as the tourism spots in the southern Bali. That is why you will have so many beautiful moments in your trips to the northern Bali, one of them is the trip to Banjar hot springs.


Banjar hot spring is one of the most interesting tourism spots in the Buleleng district. Based on the name, the tourism spot offers hot spring bathing spots and it is one of the must-visited spots when you visit Bali. There is something unique in the hot spring area, it has three different ponds that can become the area for hot spring bathing.

The first pond is in the top area of 12 meters length and 1,5 meters width, and 1 meter of depth. It has 8 douches that always add the water to the pond. The thesecond pond is located under the first pond. It is made with 12 meters of length and 10 meters in width, and 1-2 meters of depth. There are 5 douches in this pond that are always streaming the hot water. Meanwhile, the third pond is shallower than the second. It has two douches with up to 3 meters of height. On the third pond, the visitors commonly have some therapy with the hot springs.

The therapy for the healthier body is commonly done inside the hot springs pond. The people commonly use the nature stones as the therapy tool. The Sulphur content inside the hot water gives good effects to body health, especially for kinds of skin disease healing. It means that visiting this spot will also help you maintain good health. The 35 degree of Celsius water will make you relaxed and refreshed. The skin pores will get stretched and let the sulfur and other minerals from the water entering your ski easier.

After sinking inside the hot spring pond and the minerals are absorbed by the skin, you will feel refreshed and healthier. It will also improve the blood stream inside your body, healing rheumatic, as well as skin itchiness. So, it should be your destination if you are interested in bath inside the hot spring ponds. For those who are visiting the northern Bali, this tourism spot always becomes one of the most commonly visited.

Banjar hot spring opens at 8 am to 6 pm. You only need to pay entrance ticket as much as IDR 10,000 for adult and IDR 5,000 for kids. The access to the hot spring spot has been well built and the facilities inside the tourism spot also have been completed. So it should be your destination when you travel to the northern Bali.

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